what?! GUERRILLA FILMMAKING with Jon Moritsugu is not full?!


Unbelievable — this is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the lo-fi master. Indie legend Jon Moritsugu is the wildly creative, wacky, witty, and resourceful director of FAMEWHORE, MOD F*CK EXPLOSION, and SCUMROCK (which features members of TV On The Radio). If you have an idea for an original, memorable film that will stand the inventiveness test of time — and you actually want to see it get MADE — Jon Moritsugu is the man to know.

This class should be full! Get the details and sign up here.

2 Responses to “what?! GUERRILLA FILMMAKING with Jon Moritsugu is not full?!”

  1. demolator Says:

    It’s too effin’ expensive.

  2. Ms. Purves Says:

    I would like to point out to Mr. Demolator that the cost of this class breaks down to $20 per hour for non-members and $18.33 an hour for members. You get five three-hour classes! This seems like a reasonable amount to pay to increase your knowledge and impact as a filmmaker. Plus, the person conveying this knowledge to you is not just some schlub but Jon Moritsugu.
    Kechikechi Mr. Demolator!

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