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Self Distribution and Inlaws and Outlaws

June 15, 2007

Last night I attended a screening of Inlaws and Outlaws at the Cinerama, a film that hosted numerous fund raising screenings here at the Film Forum, all of which I ashamedly would preview for a screening at NWFF by popping in, seeing a bunch of talking heads, fast fowarding a little way, see a bunch more talking heads and dismissed. After sitting through the screening last night, I must admit, this system of previewing material is absolutely flawed.

Although I completely disagree with the films aesthetic approach to filmmaking, it surprisingly won me over. Rarely have I seen such honest testimonials in any film, forget a locally produced, independently financed documentary. This can only be a testament to Drew Emory and his ability to make his subjects comfortable with him. Many people in town had discussed the work with me, suggesting that it was too PBS, too much like a PSA, but I think they too must have seen the talking heads and immediately dismissed the work. This is really a shame cause Inlaws and Outlaws is worth your time.

Fortunately this screening was the beginning of its theatrical release. This week you can catch it at the Uptwon Theatre. With a little help from a donor from Oklahoma, Drew is entering into an arena called self-distribution. If you’re not in the film business, this probably doesn’t seem that daunting, but it is. It requires lost of money, and time, which is why Drew’s been fund raising for so long.

Having seen the film, I now feel compelled to do my part. Since I can’t afford to support Drew with any money of my own, I’m offering up this blog post. Now do your part and go see Drew’s film this week at the Uptown.