The international film festival continues


Film lovers, fear not the closing of SIFF 2007.  There is still much celluloid beauty to be appreciated in Seattle.  This summer, Northwest Film Forum is showing new and rare movies from Mali, Belgium, and Russia, as well as classic rep from China and France, award-winning local films, special guests, and our very own Swashbucklers series.   Best of all, in most cases you have a full week of screening times to choose from, rarely need to wait in line or show up 45 minutes in advance – and can’t beat our member ticket price of just $5.

So, as you forlornly paste your platinum pass into the scrapbook, or proudly look at your stack of ticket stubs, remember that the feast of great film continues.   Come by our cinemas, grab a calendar, and continue to take chances on new on-screen experiences.


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