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Calling cards

October 6, 2007

People looked quizzically at the simple white business card slipped (often more than once) to them during last night’s Local Sightings Big Opening Night Party.

The contents of the card? Just the facts:


“What’s this?” they’d ask.

Well, some dedicated workers here at NWFF are putting together — after a long period of popular demand — a way for local filmmakers (NWFF members and non-members alike) to connect on projects and share resources. For now, the new Callboard will consist mainly of an email list-serve, and a buggy (we’re working on it!) place for you to post resumes and pending projects (my advice: stick with using the list-serve for now).

Our team of experts is on the task round the clock, and a much bigger filmmaker collective site is planned. But for now, let’s keep it simple, shall we? Just send us your email, and on October 15 we’ll launch the list-serve.

Filmmakers can look forward to a semi-steady supply of moderated emails filled with calls-for-entries, shout-outs of crew needs on projects (casual and professional, including NWFF produced films with visiting directors), and declarations of dreams in-the-works, for those of you full on promise but low on necessary support.

Filmmaking dabblers and experts alike, join forces! Get to know each other! Don’t be shy.

Feedback encouraged. At NWFF we aim to please.