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Bright Eye For The Third Eye

October 21, 2007

Over at greencine today you’ll find an article about the New York Film Festival, which makes reference to forthcoming Film Forum guest Michael Robinson. Here’s what they had to say:

Last year’s startling new discovery, Chicago-based Michael Robinson, has, if anything, upped his game from last year. To my mind there can no longer be any question that Robinson is the most significant new experimental filmmaker to emerge in the last decade. And part of what makes his work so overwhelming is the fact that he refrains from grand statement, preferring to explore the unique headspace of his (and my) generation

Michael will be here at NWFF on November 14 at 8pm as part of our Third Eye cinema program. The first guest for that program James Benning arrives on Monday with his ONE WAY BOOGIE WOOGIE and 27 YEARS LATER.