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Demolater will love this

November 30, 2007

Given the strong reaction both for and against “mumblecore” films here in Seattle, I feel I must link to this article about Erin Scherer (“Mumblecore Saved My Life”) who is now trying to raise money to make it to SXSW so she can “meet [Matt Dentler] and many of Mumblecore’s other important people, including Andrew Bujalski, Joe Swanberg and their collaborators.”

Maybe she should just move to Seattle instead.


The perfect gift!

November 29, 2007



Available now from our box office (open 1/2 hour before every show). Give the gift of movies.  Admit-2 Gift Certificates are $17.00.

Back at Sundance

November 29, 2007


The Rambler, like Little Farm before it, is going from Local Sightings to the Sundance Film Festival. With the Rambler, Calvin Reeder’s created another blood polished gem produced by Brady Hall.

Thank goodness these fellahs keep making this hilarious shorts.

Werner and the rain

November 29, 2007

In between screenings here at IDFA – the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – the rain washes through the city with sporadic bursts.  Rode through it on the ubiquitous bicycle again this morning to go see Werner Herzog speak to a sold out Tuchinski Theatre full of cinephiles from all over the world. Two hours passed as if they were nothing at all. Like he does in his films – Mr. Herzog seemed to encompass his message and fill the room without getting bigger than himself – big, yes – but with enough self deprecation and humor to keep all attention rapt. Among many questions he fielded from the scarf laden crowd – one concerning high-budget studio storyboard animation for most studio projects out there – Mr. Herzog simply categorized these folks as “Idiots, who are ruining the creative magic of the craft…” A clearly American audience member managed to brow-beat Mr. Herzog about “sustainable filmmaking” – citing a Belgian animator using less cells of films for their work – as a means of preserving the planet. Mr. Herzog, confused by the question – seemed to respond with what we were all feeling by saying something close to:  “I don’t know about all that, but in my estimation – it will be a microbe or large volcanic explosion that gets us first – next question.”  More to come soon about the inexorable Werner Herzog and the vibrant IDFA. 


November 28, 2007

Sundance announced it’s competition films earlier today. I noticed an interesting German entry called THE WAVE. I read the Sundance press release and recognized the title and plot instantly. I remembered seeing a TV movie of the same name back when I was in middle school. I found it odd that Sundance didn’t give nods to the American film that preceded it. There’s a link to view the American film in its entirety on this fan site hosted in Turkey. They mis-credit the director as being Norman Lear (The Jeffersons). The true director is Alexander Grasshoff (FUTURE SHOCK). I remember that American film pretty well cause they taught it in Hebrew school. Anybody else see the original?

Lynch films & fun this Friday

November 28, 2007

The Winter calendar kicks off in style this Friday with the 30th anniversary run of David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD – screened with a beautiful newly restored print.

Come the 7pm screening to help us get things started.  There’ll be a trivia challenge with a Lynch box set going to the biggest know-it-all.  

Then come back later in the weekend to see Lynch’s short films on the big screen, and see some behind-the-scenes in the doc LYNCH (ONE).  There’s no better way to embrace the chill than with some creepy Lynch movies and a fan-filled cinema.

Someone to Watch

November 27, 2007

Alexis Ferris with Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede of Police Beat

Alexis Ferris, stellar producer of Police Beat, Chuthlu and Zoo has been nominated for the Producers Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. Alexis has always been a dedicated, focused producer and supported her films films even at the darkest of moments. She is a civic treasure, and could not be more deserving.

Costa Primer

November 20, 2007

My dearest Hot Splice readers, in early December we present a Pedro Costa retrospective. I imagine many of you are asking yourselves “who is Pedro Costa and why should I care?” Realizing this, I did a little digging around and came up with some very useful links and essays on this great director and his work.

— The most detailed Costa overview I’ve seen so far is by The Cinematheque Ontario’s James Quandt in the Sept 2006 issue of Artforum. Unfortunately, it’s not online but a reduced and revised version serves as the introductory essay for the retrospective when it screened in Toronto.

— At Rouge: A lengthy, thoughtful, amazing lecture that Costa gave to film students in Japan called “A Closed Door That Leaves Us Guessing”; and an essay on him by the Japanese film critic Shigehiko Hasumi.

A collection of Costa posts at Andy Rector’s blog, Kinoslang.

Tag Gallagher’s “Straub Anti-Straub” in a recent issue of Senses of Cinema.

— A collection of writings, many of them on blogs, in no particular order: Mark Peranson‘s (who will be here to introduce the opening night screening) Cannes ’06 report in Cinema Scope; Dave McDougall at Chained to the Cinémathèque; Darren Hughes at Long Pauses; Acquarello at Strictly Film School; Michael Sicinski‘s TIFF ’06 report at Greencine; Doug Cummings at Film Journey; Daniel Kasman at d+kaz; Jason Anderson in Toronto’s Eye Weekly; Dave Kehr on Casa De Lava; Tom Charity‘s Vancouver ’06 report at Greencine; Ruy Gardnier at A_Film_By, and an excellent overview by Dennis Lim in the New York Times.

— In addition to these online pieces, let me strongly recommend: Mark Peranson’s interview with Costa in the summer ’06 issue of Cinema Scope (issue #27); and Thom Andersen’s essay in the Mar/Apr ’07 issue Film Comment.

Give the gift of movies…cheap!

November 19, 2007

This holiday season, NWFF has teamed up with King County’s Waste Free Holidays to encourage everyone to “give experiences instead of stuff…and save 15 to 50 percent.”

Why not give the gift of movie tickets, at a substantially reduced price?

Also, keep an eye out at our box office for hand-made gift certificates…coming soon!

Peruse our Winter calendar & workshop offerings

November 16, 2007

Winter 2008 Cinemas Calendar


WigglyWorld Workshops

There is tons of great stuff to look forward to, including another visit from Crispin Glover, another new wave film series (this one from Finland!), a reworking of Andy Warhol’s VINYL by Seattle School, and a visit from legendary composter Lalo Schiffrin.

Children’s Film Festival Seattle program will be posted December 3.