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I was fortunate this weekend to spend a good deal of time with Norman Solomon, in town to present his film WAR MADE EASY. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It is easy to write WAR MADE EASY off thinking that you have already heard the rhetoric, already ‘think critically’ about media and avidly listen to NPR, or feel so helpless with everything going on in the world you don’t need another issue to worry about. But after talking with Norman, I am really glad to be reminded why it matters what I read, listen to, and watch – and to get that boost of motivation to break free of my usual news wires and seek out even more, varied sources.

On a related note, reviews of upcoming films at NWFF are regularly posted on several Seattle area blogs which I am happy to attempt to push traffic towards. These sites, in addition to several others, consistently give thoughtful coverage to films and events here that are often overlooked by the bigger fish. Please give them a read:

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Here’s to keeping all parts of independent film independent.


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