Proof that DVD is king


Or that George Clooney and a best-actress win are not worth even a rental:

There are currently 1522 holds on MICHAEL CLAYTON at the Seattle Public Library.  Given that I was once 549 in a cue for MILLION DOLLAR BABY, and my hold expired (a year from when it was placed) before I ever got my chance to borrow the DVD, I’ll predict that everyone waiting for CLAYTON will have to re-place their hold at least once before they get to watch Ms. Swinton’s performance.

The interesting thing is that the movie is still playing at Landmark Theaters, four times daily at the Metro.  But I’m OK waiting 2 years for my free hold.  So what makes a movie cinema worthy?  Rental worthy?  Free-from-library worthy?


2 Responses to “Proof that DVD is king”

  1. Baxter Says:

    Since the library is my Netflix, I consider every movie I don’t want to purchase, worth waiting for at the library. I haven’t rented a movie from a video store in 2 years.

  2. Andy Says:

    My guess is the hierarchical decision-making process goes something like this:

    A) Does this movie feature one or more of the following: explosions, kung fu, CGI monsters/galaxies/makeup? If yes, then proceed to cinema. If no…

    B) Does this movie feature one or more of the following: steamy sex scenes, non-sex related nude scenes, torture of a female protagonist? If yes, then proceed to video store/Netflix. If no…

    C) Did this movie earn at least one Oscar award or more than one nomination? If yes, then proceed to If no, please ignore and proceed to next title.

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