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Discussion on journalists and the Niger Delta

May 14, 2008

Now that the Seattle film crew is safely back from the Niger Delta, they have put together a forum on what happened, and the larger issues of journalists in danger.    On Monday at Kane Hall, they’ll tackle questions about the need for journalists to be in areas of conflict, and how the can be protected.  Do make an effort to go.


Another critic says hurry to SHOTGUN STORIES

May 14, 2008

Or at least that can be inferred, since Kathy Fennessy gives a glowing review of the film, which ends tomorrow night. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one – from friends and critics alike.

Some choice quotes:

“The deserving winner of a jury award at SIFF 2007…Jeff Nichols is a promising filmmaker” –The Stranger

“Grade A: The best American film of last year…The cast is uniformly excellent” -Seattle PI

“Promising first-time writer-director Jeff Nichols honors the integrity of his conflicted characters while twisting their blood ties with escalating tension.” -Seattle Times

“Shotgun Stories is best enjoyed on the big screen.” -Kathy Fennessy