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CTHULHU gets distribution

May 16, 2008

Hey! This sounds like good news:

Breaking: Cthulhu Gets Picked Up for Distribution

posted by on May 7 at 13:45 PM

This just in from Cthulhu director Dan Gildark

We were picked up by Regent Releasing for worldwide distribution which includes a theatrical platform release in Seattle and Portland (as of now I don’t know the dates) it also includes pay-per-view on the Here! channel. This is the same company that just released Shelter; the biggest film they have done is Gods and Monsters. They focus on horror and gay and lesbian film.

Anyone know if OUTSOURCED, another local SIFF darling from last year, has had any luck with the distribution world? Last I heard was their announcement at the SIFF premiere that they were nobly planning to go it alone…but I haven’t seen much of the film around since. Updates anyone?