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A few people have written me e-mails in the last few days requesting my suggestions for SIFF, so I’ve decided to post a few of them to help NWFF filmgoers navigate the largest film festival in the US. Additionally, I know a few of these titles will be returning to Seattle for engagements at our other cinemas in the city, so I’ll make note of those cases. In no short order, here’s my list of suggested titles:

Films at NWFF in Alternate Cinema no to be missed:

EAT FOR THIS IS MY BODY: Michalange Quay’s debut feature is a visceral, hypnotic trip that will take us to the spiritual core of the suffering of Haitian people.

CASTING A GLANCE, James Benning perches his camera on The Great Salt Lake at various vantage points in view of the Spiral Jetty, a renowned piece of environmental art created by Robert Smithson in 1970. This artwork is, as its name describes, a spiral of carefully arranged stones jutting from the lakeshore into the water. Smithson made a film (which I have not seen) also called Spiral Jetty at the time of its creation.

LOOS ORNAMENTAL, in which director Heinz Emigholz portrays the famous architect Adolf Loos through his constructions, giving cinematic expression to his own experience of space at a particular time.

MILKY WAY a peculiar nature film, where instead of giraffes and penguins, we see humans who exist in a kind of tableau vivant composed of minor dramas, misfortunes, everyday and poetic moments.

As for the others:
Alexander Nevsky
Ballast (to return to Seattle likely at Landmark)
Blind Mountain
Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame
California Dreamin’
Captain Ahab
Chris & Don (returning to Landmark theatre)
Christopher Columbus the Enigma
The Edge Of Heaven (returning to Landmark theatre)
Encounters At The End Of The World (returning to Landmark theatre)
Head-On (If you haven’t seen it already)
Jar City (returning to Landmark theatre)
King of Ping Pong
The Pope’s Toilet
Still Life
Still Orangutans (one of my favorite films of the Rotterdam film festival) The film is an adaptation of six stories from the book by ‘gaucho’ Paulo Scott and is set on a very hot day during one of the warmest summers in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. All shot in a single take, no edits. A remarkable feat for a first time filmmaker.
Up The Yangtze (returning to Landmark theatre)
You The Living



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  1. Glenn Says:

    Thanks, Adam. I hope to see many of the films you recommend while they are at SIFF. Looking forward to several titles in the Alternate Cinema program this week at NWFF. Enjoyed the “Auteur” film last night.

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