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MISTER LONELY held over!

May 19, 2008

We are happy to report we are able to keep Harmony Korine’s MISTER LONELY for a second week in our cinemas.

The film will play through Thursday, May 29 at 7 and 9:15pm.


Wanna make a movie at Tubs?

May 19, 2008

Remember the old Tubs?  You know – the place at 50th and Roosevelt where you could rent a hot tub for relaxing and … er … whatever.

Well, this place:

is now this place:

And if you want to shoot a short film there for our TUBS FILM CHALLENGE, fire an email to to make arrangements!

CTHULHU gets distribution

May 16, 2008

Hey! This sounds like good news:

Breaking: Cthulhu Gets Picked Up for Distribution

posted by on May 7 at 13:45 PM

This just in from Cthulhu director Dan Gildark

We were picked up by Regent Releasing for worldwide distribution which includes a theatrical platform release in Seattle and Portland (as of now I don’t know the dates) it also includes pay-per-view on the Here! channel. This is the same company that just released Shelter; the biggest film they have done is Gods and Monsters. They focus on horror and gay and lesbian film.

Anyone know if OUTSOURCED, another local SIFF darling from last year, has had any luck with the distribution world? Last I heard was their announcement at the SIFF premiere that they were nobly planning to go it alone…but I haven’t seen much of the film around since. Updates anyone?

And the winner is…

May 15, 2008

After Jean-Paul Belmondo won 10 more votes than Marcello Mastroianni during this week’s final round of the Duel of the Cool (PIERROT LE FOU vs. LEO THE LAST), we can declare him the overall winner by just four votes!

Belmondo wins the Duel of the Cool!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Discussion on journalists and the Niger Delta

May 14, 2008

Now that the Seattle film crew is safely back from the Niger Delta, they have put together a forum on what happened, and the larger issues of journalists in danger.    On Monday at Kane Hall, they’ll tackle questions about the need for journalists to be in areas of conflict, and how the can be protected.  Do make an effort to go.

Another critic says hurry to SHOTGUN STORIES

May 14, 2008

Or at least that can be inferred, since Kathy Fennessy gives a glowing review of the film, which ends tomorrow night. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one – from friends and critics alike.

Some choice quotes:

“The deserving winner of a jury award at SIFF 2007…Jeff Nichols is a promising filmmaker” –The Stranger

“Grade A: The best American film of last year…The cast is uniformly excellent” -Seattle PI

“Promising first-time writer-director Jeff Nichols honors the integrity of his conflicted characters while twisting their blood ties with escalating tension.” -Seattle Times

“Shotgun Stories is best enjoyed on the big screen.” -Kathy Fennessy

An intro to Alice Neel

May 13, 2008

Regina Hackett has posted a thoughtful piece about painter Alice Neel on her blog Art-to-Go. It serves as a great primer for the film ALICE NEEL, which opens Friday.

Read the article here.

Georges Melies: Impossible Voyager

May 8, 2008

I just got this tidy announcement from the Sprocket Society that neatly explains the Georges Melies special presentation next Thursday, and I thought I’d share:

Announcing a very special event co-presented by The Sprocket Society and the Northwest Film Forum…

Special effects epics from 1901-1912

Next Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 8:00 PM — One show only!

At the Northwest Film Forum – 1515 12th Avenue (on Capital Hill at Pike) (206) 329-2629

$8.50 general / $5 NWFF members / $6 kids under 12 & seniors
Advance tickets available online at

A special celebration of the mad filmic genius of Georges Méliès, the father of special effects, featuring rare 16mm film prints of his greatest sci-fi, fantasy and adventure epics…all presented with unusual musical accompaniment!


A rare presentation of THE IMPOSSIBLE VOYAGE (1904) with a live performance of the original narration penned by Méliès himself plus music provided by CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS playing 78 rpm records on actual Victrolas, right there in the theater!


Six more great films, all presented with non-traditional musical recordings including avant garde jazz, the Master Musicians of Jajouka, The Residents (in a special remix by Scott Colburn), and more! Featuring…

A TRIP TO THE MOON (1901) — rare extended version!
THE KINGDOM OF THE FAIRIES (1903) — rare “complete” version!
THE PALACE OF ARABIAN NIGHTS (1905) — stunning set design!
THE MERRY FROLICS OF SATAN (1906) — beautifully tinted!
PARIS TO MONTE CARLO (1905) — with hand-colored scenes!
CONQUEST OF THE POLE (1912) — a rare French version!

Learn more and see a bunch of photos, including rare behind-the-scenes shots and production drawings, at

Hope to see you there… A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

(Attached poster design by Brian Alter.)

The Sprocket Society (Seattle, WA)



May 8, 2008

Next month NWFF will open the Ellen Page vehicle Tracey Fragments, a film that takes a daring approach to its film making. There’s a pretty well argued analysis of the film’s innovative editing approach over at The Auteurs’ Notebook.

Director Bruce McDonald is a man after our own heart. Early this year he opened up all footage from the film to filmmakers from around the globe, asking them to reFragment Tracey by using the footage to create original works of art; a Tracey film challenge of sorts. A number of the reFragmentations are worth a glance.

Mastroianni takes the lead!

May 8, 2008

In Round 2 of the DUEL OF THE COOL (in which we pitted 8 1/2 against LE DOULOS) Marcello Mastroianni has taken the lead over Jean-Paul Belmondo. Winning a mere 11 more votes this round, he holds the lead by a total of 6, when the results from Round 1 are included.

Don’t miss the final round next Tuesday-Wednesday: LEO THE LAST vs. PIERROT LE FOU.