North American: Rob Devor and Charles Mudede’s new film


Start-to-Finish filmmakers Rob Devor and Charles Mudede are ramping up for a busy Summer. One or two larger budget films are in the works for late summer or early fall. But they are not even waiting for those projects to start. In ten days the begin shooting North American, a low budget feature set in Seattle. Written by Rob and Charles, it’s the story of an airline pilot having a mental breakdown mid-flight. Put up in a Seattle hotel, the pilot sneaks across the street to “an incredibly dense and seemingly endless terrain” fused “of the major Olmsted parks into one diverse geography located in the middle of the downtown Seattle.” The story is inspired by true events.

Sean Kirby will be shooting, and NWFF’s old Program Director Jaime Keeling will be UPM on the micro crew.


3 Responses to “North American: Rob Devor and Charles Mudede’s new film”

  1. Edouard Says:

    i am an extra in that movie !

  2. John Smith Says:

    When can we buy that movie if we are european ?

  3. Pam Inglesby Says:

    It’s actually still in post-production, so not available to anyone yet!

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