Stellar prodcuers in town tomorrow!


SIFF has a strong lineup of producers and industry folk for the Filmmaker Forums here at NWFF.  Come by tomorrow, and hear the latest from indie film producers nationally.

Here is the list of panelists:
Show Me the Money
Friday, June 13, 3:00pm, NWFF
As the models for financing independent features continue to evolve, what do you need to know to get the most out of this elusive marketplace? How can you take advantage of incentives and tax credits? What do you need to know to talk to investors? How about hedge funds? Come listen to packaging agents, independent producers, and financiers discuss their success stories, challenges, and the financial realities present in the world of independent production today.
Panelists: Michael Roban of Cold Fusion Media Group and Bryan LaCour of the Bank of California’s Entertainment Finance Group
Moderator: Mike Goodridge of Screen International

So You Want to Be an Independent Producer?
Friday, June 13, 4:30pm, NWFF
Richard Zanuck once stated, “The producer is like the conductor of an orchestra. Maybe he can’t play every instrument, but he knows what every instrument should sound like.” So besides having an ear for film, what does being a producer really mean? Learn about the process of taking material from story to screen from one of the most experienced and prolific producers working today.  Highlights will include choosing the right project, development, financing, and selling your film.
Panelists: Laura Rister of Untitled Entertainment, Sarah Lash of Cinetic, Albert Berger of Bona Fide Productions, and Todd Hoffman of ICM
Moderator: Mike Goodridge of Screen International


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