Is This Your Demographic?


If you are a Bobcat Goldthwait fan here is a treat for you.  NWFF will host Goldthwait, as he introduces Hal Ashby’s The Landlord at 9:30 on July 1.  It appears that he is quite the Hal Ashby fan.

I can understand why Mr. Goldthwait has a great appreciation for Hal Ashby.  Ashby’s absurdist takes on the cacophony that was life in the 1970s, the giddiness, the belief in perfectibility, the tidal wave of sex, the distrust of authority, all still ring true.  His films that will be on view at NWFF this summer are truly masterworks.

For those individuals who are interested, you can attend a private event with Mr. Goldthwait prior to the screening.  For more information go to the NWFF website and type in


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