Shelton’s Humpday


After meeting at film festivals around the country, Lynn Shelton and Mark Duplass continue the conversation at NWFF’s September 2007 Filmmaker Saloon: Is Incest Best? Mumblecore and American Independent Cinema.

Twelve months after shooting her last feature, and three months after the world premiere, Lynn Shelton is back behind the camera with yet another feature. One week ago, Lynn began shooting her latest film, Humpday. Backed by a small, strong crew – Ben Kasulke as DP, Meghan Griffiths as Second Unit DP, and Jennifer Maas and Steven Schardt sharing some producing duties, she’s making another small, funny film.

Joshua Leonard and Mark Duplass are the two leads in a story about male bonding and in Shelton’s words, believing you are “post-gay.” Her smart, low-budget films, and rapid pace of production have made Lynn one of the most exciting filmmakers in town. I hope she can keep up the film-a-year pace.


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3 Responses to “Shelton’s Humpday”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Kathy Fennessy posted a nice report on the shoot here:

  2. tania Says:

    Hurray for Lynn and her crew! Not to be a stickler, but it’s Mark Duplass, with an “L”

  3. Michael Seiwerath Says:


    Right you are. Thanks for catching that.


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