Film 101


We’ve often been asked by our members to put together some kind of film discussion/lecture series for people who didn’t take Intro to Cinema in college but still want to learn the basics of film history. We have been playing with some ideas for our workshops, but since nothing is final, I saw this offering at Seattle Central yesterday and thought some people might be interested. At $90 for 8 sessions, at least it’s a good deal

Exploration of the history of film in America. from the earliest flickering images to the biggest computer generated blockbusters of today. We will showcase some of the most fascinating American films ever produced. Through film clips and discussions, we will explore how American Film has changed through the decades. From the process of creation through the art of distribution and you will learn to critically dissect many facets of film. Each decade, from the 1910’s to the present, will be represented. For those with a powerful passion for the cinema.
Item: 6551 Matthew N. Terry
7:00PM – 9:30PM Broadway Edison Bldg.
8 Thursdays Room 4175
10/2/2008 – 11/20/2008 Fee: $90

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