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Silent Light Saga Continues

July 15, 2008

It appears that the never ending saga over US rights for Carlos Reygadas’ SILENT LIGHT, continues. Apparently¬† recently defunct Tartan never closed the deal on US rights for the title.

From Anthony Kaufman:

Nothing is certain… as I wrote before. There’s nothing like some deficient reporting to bring out the truthiness of a situation. According to Bac Films International, which holds world rights to Carlos Reygadas’s “Silent Light,” Tartan U.S. never closed a deal on the film, contrary to a news report in Screen Daily in November 2007, and therefore the much-anticipated Mexican Mennonite feature will not be released by Palisade Media Corp, which bought out Tartan’s U.S. catalogue after the company went under.

Tartan UK released “Silent Light” in the U.K., but U.S. rights are still available, says Bac Films Interational’s Camille Neel. “The film is still available today for the US and of course, if we have strong interests, we are still looking for distribution [for] all rights in the US,” Neel told me via email. As always, the situation is developing.