Media Outlaw Craig Baldwin Lands At NWFF on Friday!


Underground filmmaker Craig Baldwin arrives in Seattle this Friday to present his latest creation MOCK UP ON MU. For more than 20 years, Baldwin has been excavating (and rattling) the bones of the media age. Lord of the scissors, might be an appropriate name for him. His works are mounted from found footage, most of which Baldwin claims to find in dumpsters – film leftovers, outtakes, documentaries, educational films, B-movies, old newscasts, home movies etc. He takes these fragments and pieces them together to create new, subversive, political and – a rare thing in experimental film – funny films that are not easily classifiable either as documentaries or as fiction.

Baldwin bombards the audience with dense collages of images and sound, which, in contrast to many other collage films, have a coherent narrative. Baldwin considers collage an expression of the confusing diversity of our media and pop culture, and at the same time, a subversive infiltration of the statements that are made there.

His latest, MOCK UP ON MU spins sci-fi and history into a subversive spiral. Get your tickets here.

Here’s an interview with Baldwin at this year’s San Francisco Film Festival.


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