While watching this film, the first thought that came to mind was “Thank God Germany has excellent health coverage!” I didn’t even KNOW that there was such a sport as “Speed Mountaineering!” Nor do I actually think it’s such a great idea. (The only coordination I have is in my clothes, however.) But it is amazing to watch those that do practice their sport with such timing and precision in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Yosemite Valley. Which happens to have some of the most climbed peaks in the world. The film also documents an attempt to traverse mountains and icebergs in Patagonia. The camera crew are definitely just as athletic as the climbers, (really, their shots make the movie), getting shots that seem impossible, and are just gorgeous. They refreshingly document the failures as well as the successes, and the philosophies that motivate these uber-athletes to continue to climb. While the rest of us are happy we can come out of the film (in a country with worse health coverage) injury-free!


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  1. Katelyn Says:

    What I found especially interesting about TO THE LIMIT was the relationship between the brothers, and how they both dealt with a taxing sport and each others’ success. I was moved by the comment that they felt they were in harmony when they had both achieved successes in the same year, but that this balance between them as brothers and peers could be as challenging as their physical goals.

  2. normabates666 Says:

    First, may I say I am delighted to have yours as my first comment, both insightful and accurate! Thank you! I also agree with you completely (yes, I fear I am guilty of a “Speed” review!). To know you hold your brother’s life in your hands (as he does yours) as you attempt to break physical laws adds a deeper spiritual and symbiotic meaning to an athletic act. (Though I will say that I still feel that deciding to ascend a dangerously uneven vertical surface that will be completely unstable at times, that could end in your death even at normal speeds–AND do it FAST, well I feel is inadvisable to say the least.) (This coming from someone who can’t even take escalators!) And it certainly reflects the ability they both have of setting aside their differences, career and otherwise to accomplish their mountaineering goals as well as stay close emotionally. Excellent points. thank you for pointing them out!

  3. Marc Says:

    Great review! The film sounds refreshing and fun, a good
    outdoorsmen kind of film, chalk full of breathtaking scenery
    and courageous mountaineers. May I also suggest Steep
    for a similar film about skiers who find the most impossible
    mountain peaks around the world to descend from!

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