Improvements and the cost of doing business


We’re finishing up a round of facility improvements here at Northwest Film Forum, some of which we’ve been wanting to do for years.  Due to the support of 4Culture, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundations, Visual Apex, and individual donors, we’ve been able to upgrade our video projection system.  With brighter projectors in both cinemas, and a centrally controlled digital playback system, we can pipe high-quality signals to both cinemas.   In addition, we’ve improved our theater masking, put in a new poster case (thanks to Eric Franklin), and better lighting.

On the heels of this work, we’re raising our ticket prices. This is the first time since 2006 for general admissions, and the first time since 2003 for member prices.  Starting October 1, prices will be $6 member, $9 general, and $6.50 for kids and seniors.  This is still an amazing deal, and a great reason to join.


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