G.P.S.        2008      (98 MINUITES)  D/+++:   ERIC COLLEY


An insightful reviewer once said that there seemed to be 2 types of of forests in the movies (and TV),  the TWIN PEAKS type in which the forest seems to represent all that is threatening and ominous to our psyches, and the NORTHERN EXPOSURE type, that’s full of beauty and the wonder of nature that mellows and rejuvenates us.  G.P.S. definitely belongs to the former.  So what choice does NormaBates666 have but to love this film?!! It was a blast–a very well-crafted, skillfully directed and acted piece that proves the theory that just because you have access to MILLIONS (like Michael Bay (shudder!), Simon West (gulp!) or—dare I say the name aloud–Joel Schmuckmaker (SATAN!)) it doesn’t mean you should be allowed to direct traffic, much less films.   So could SOMEBODY out there give Eric Colley and his delightful crew some serious amounts of cash as they made a very well-polished vehicle with NONE!  They had me at, “Never underestimate the rage of a 28 year old virgin”–instant classic line if I’ve ever heard one.  Basic plot, while trying not to give it all away–our intrepid circle of friends play G.P.S. treasure hunts, obviously using G.P.S. trackers to guide them to their clues out in the real world.  So the Secaucus 7 set out to the woods to play.  Thereby a lot of suspenseful mayhem occurs (in gorgeous Washington locations), motives are revealed and twists abound.  (Some admittedly a little less plausible than others, but it’s a horror film for Chrissake!)  It has higher production values than most of the films that run on digital cable (tru dat).  It’s the best kind of horror film, the kind that has a balanced ratio of psychological tension to violence or gore.  (TAKE THAT, Eli Roth!)

Oh, Ryan, I need to tell you that I somehow, er, kinda LOST my copy of the screener of this film.  I looked EVERYWHERE but couldn’t find it.  I think my dog……….


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