Stars of Russian Video Art


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to view the work of rising stars working in the video art world of modern Russia – brought to us personally by Olga Tatosiyan, an artist-in-residence at NWFF and art curator from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

And it’s free!

November 6 at 7pm

With the Soviet Union gone and the concept of “unofficial art” formally extinct, there are no borders for the creativity of Russian contemporary artists. They are fully involved in the global process of contemporary art development. Video is a one of the main languages for artistic self-expression. For the new Russian “MTV generation” it is quite understandable and accessible form of art, and with time it’s becoming more and more popular.

The National Center for Contemporary Art in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia works with video art and video artists in its Arsenal space. This huge 5000-square meter former armory building has hosted dozens of Russian and international video art exhibitions and experimental films from 2003 through 2007. Many of them were made specifically for the Arsenal space.
In this screening you will see works of famous Russian video artists whose films were exhibited in Arsenal in the last few years.

The program includes:
PROVMYZA (Nizhny Novgorod): Wet chicken, Fugue, The Slippery Mountain
Viktor Alimpiev (Moscow)
Olga Chernyshova (Moscow): The Train
Blue Soup (Moscow)
Lyudmila Gorlova (Moscow): Happy End
Leonid Tishkov (Moscow): Nikodim
Blue Noses (Novosibirsk, Moscow): Sex-Art, If I Were Harry Potter


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