Do you want to pay to park at night on Capitol Hill?


As if you didn’t have enough choices to consider today, here is another one that demands attention.  Right now parking on Pike-Pine is free after 6pm and on Sundays.  This is good for the many many arts organizations on this strip, as we realize that not everyone lives within walking distance and, let’s face it, taking the bus during evening rush hours really blows.

The Department of Transportation is considering the following changes to the current parking options on Pike-Pine:

  • Installing a mix of 2-hour and 3-hour paid parking ($1.50/hr*) on several blocks south of E Pike St to increase parking turnover and compliance
  • Converting truck load zones to paid commercial vehicle load zones (in paid parking areas)
  • Adding 2-hour paid parking ($1.50/hr*) to existing and proposed RPZ blocks (RPZ permit holders would be exempt from paying on these blocks; short-term parkers would have access to 2-hour paid parking)

They are also considering:

  • Converting all 1-hour time limit signs east of 12 th Ave to 2-hour time limit signs to better serve short-term parking needs
  • Adding Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) blocks to help meet the demand for residential parking

Tell them what you think! Fill out a short questionaire here:  If you often consider coming to NWFF to see a movie, or eat at a Pike-Pine restaurant, or see a play in the neighborhood, but change your mind when you think of driving around looking for parking, now is your chance to speak up!


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