The allure of the well-reviewed movie


Didn’t think THE MONKS: THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK or THE ROMANCE OF ASTREA AND CELADON (both opening today) were for you?  Check out these glowing reviews and see if you don’t change your mind.

Romance of Astrea & Celadon:
“There’s a purity to the emotional turmoil of tormented lovers, but it’s the rich simplicity of the filmmaking and the seductive sensuality of a bucolic Eden where maidens innocently fall out of their artfully revealing dresses that makes the romantic frolic so delicious.” -Seattle PI

“By the time this medieval story reaches its surprisingly homoerotic finale (think “Some Like It Hot” blended with “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”), it seems astonishingly contemporary…Watching them, especially at this point in his career, is a bit like discovering the purity and straightforwardness of the earliest silent films.” -Seattle Times

Single straight men of Seattle, this is the movie for you. If a lady has been giving you no play (date after date), she will melt for you after watching The Romance of Astrea and Celadon. This is no exaggeration. Go and see for yourself. Set in fifth-century Gaul, the movie has a lightness and erotic magic you’d expect from a story that has a hidden castle, a mysterious river, an enchanted forest, lively nymphs, lost shepherds, and helpful druids. It’s hard to believe that the French director of this visual feast, Eric Rohmer, is 88.” -The Stranger

The Monks:
For all its genius and invention, ‘Monk Music’ didn’t make sense to the majority of kids who bought records and went to dances. But Transatlantic Feedback makes for awesome watching: it’s the invention of concept as the Monks unlearned, then relearned to play!” -The Stranger

“Who were the Monks, you wonder? If pop trends had favored avant-garde innovation over the British Invasion, you probably wouldn’t have to ask…They never got rich, but as this film attests, the Monks have achieved rock immortality.” -Seattle Times


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