Northwest Film Forum Welcomes Interim Executive Director Lyall Bush


Bush brings a passion, vision and history of working with nonprofit arts organizations to his new position.

SEATTLE – Northwest Film Forum (NWFF), Seattle’s nonprofit center for film arts, welcomes Lyall Bush as its interim executive director. Officially assuming his role on November 10, 2008, Bush joins the organization with a new spirit and energy that will build on the legacy left by Michael Seiwerath and continue to drive NWFF to greater community and artistic goals.

Bush comes from a nonprofit background and has worked in the area of film for over a decade. He organized film festivals when he worked for Humanities Washington and as written about film for a wide variety of publications.

Bush’s involvement at Northwest Film Forum began several years ago when he was vice-president of the board; over the years he has also moderated panel discussions and given talks on filmmakers.

“NWFF is thrilled to welcome Lyall as our interim executive director,” said president of the board Jennifer Roth. “He brings exciting new energy to the organization as well as valuable experience in strategic planning and the capacity for creating a strong vision for the organization.” Bush is assuming the role of previous executive director Michael Seiwerath, who announced plans to leave NWFF earlier this year.

“Northwest Film Forum is built on a strong foundation of passionate people working for a great cause,” said Bush. “I will be working for a great board of directors and a smart and dedicated staff. Michael’s work to bring Northwest Film Forum to where it is today, spearheading tremendous growth throughout his term, makes my work moving forward that much easier. I plan to continue that momentum while bringing my own experience and sense of organizational vision.”

Most recently Bush served as the executive director of Richard Hugo House, where he raised the organization’s visibility in the city and energized the board and staff around his new vision for programs and development.

In 2003 NWFF entered into a new era with its expansion into a well-equipped 8,000 square foot space in Capitol Hill. Bush plans to help NWFF become a leading nonprofit for the film arts in the region.

Traditionally, the role of executive director includes leading the organization’s flagship program, Start-to-Finish, which partners with a local artist to produce a feature length film. NWFF provides funding for the project, allowing local film artists and directors to bring their work to a much larger arena.

The most recent film, Robinson Devor’s Police Beat, premiered in Dramatic Competition at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, and has played to great acclaim at festivals worldwide.

NWFF operates the region’s first and only non-profit center for the film arts. Community members can view films 360 days a year.  NWFF prides itself on attracting a wide variety of audience members from long-time cinephiles, to children and families, artists, students and more.

The current space, located at 1515 12th Ave (between Pike and Pine), is Seattle’s first proper cinematheque. It houses two theaters, facilities and equipment for filmmakers, and a dedicated space for workshops and filmmaker offices.

NWFF is unique in that it focuses not only on bringing great films to the community, but on fostering and championing local film artists.  NWFF presents educational programs with a curriculum by filmmakers and for filmmakers; provides access to filmmaking equipment; and grants funds directly to working film artists.

There are now several homegrown producers, cinematographers, writers, and other crewmembers that are working steadily, here and abroad, due to the connections made and experience achieved through Northwest Film Forum.

About Northwest Film Forum
Northwest Film Forum boasts nearly 1,000 members, several unique film festivals, and showings of hundreds of American and international films a year.  Movie screenings, film production and education aren’t the only focus of this organization – NWFF brings together a community of individuals dedicated to great film in Seattle and beyond. You can learn more at the organization’s Web site,


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    Hope to see everyone at volunteer night tomorrow night!!! I am an aspiring documentary film maker/indie film myself =) I hope to get on somewhere whether it be NWFF or a local production company, or just a group of creative and talented film makers looking for an extra hand with whom and can share ideas and gain experience with. It is my ultimate goal to travel the world finding unique stories and making films. I would like to work for the History/Travel/Discovery channel’s, if anyone has an in! I am also looking for anyone who know where to get some discount digital video equipment (I want a high-def or 3CCD camcorder BAD)!!!! To learn more about me in a nutshell view:

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