Gossip from the Gotham Awards


From NWFF Board President Jennifer Roth:
Sorry to miss everyone at the NWFF holiday party last night. Our holiday party overlapped with the Gotham Awards in NYC, which is kind of a standing date for me. I am lucky enough to attend the Gotham awards every year – it’s an opportunity for me to prove that I’m very much still in the NYC scene even though I live in Seattle. The Gotham Awards is a nice party filled mostly with vendors, lawyers, bankers, payroll company employees, accountants, line producers, actual producers. Also in attendance are just enough celebrities to make it feel kind of classy.

This year I had my first best picture nomination with THE WRESTLER. We didn’t win and it was a disappointment, but how can anyone feel bad about losing to am awesome underdog like FROZEN RIVER. We also got 3 Spirit Award Nominations that same day so we had plenty to celebrate.

If I were the type to gossip in print, I’d tell all about Gus Van Sant’s incredibly tiny acceptance speech, Christine Vachon’s outfit, the scuttlebutt surrounding BALLAST’s Lance Hammer or Mickey Rourke’s behavior at the after party in his favorite club Socialista. I’m not the type to gossip in print so you’ll have to ask me that about all that in person.

But lets skip to what really matters this week. 3, count ‘em, 3 Seattle movies are playing at Sundance in 2009*: THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF LITTLE DIZZLE, HUMPDAY and WORLD’S GREATEST DAD. I seriously doubt that any other city (LA and NYC excluded) is as well represented. It’s an all around great line up this year and should be a great festival.

Happy Holidays everybody!

*Of course this is the year we’re all supposed to boycott Sundance/Utah because of all the money the Mormons gave to prop 8 so I for one don’t know that I’ll make the trip.


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