Top 10 Grossing Runs of 2008


These are the top ten grossing film runs of 2008 at Northwest Film Forum.  Let us know which ones you saw and why you came.

1.    Zidane
2.    It Is Fine, Everything Is Fine
3.    Mister Lonely
4.    The Gits
5.    Helvetica
6.    To The Limit
7.    Monsieur Verdux
8.    Chop Shop
9.    Note By Note
10.    Boarding Gate

2 Responses to “Top 10 Grossing Runs of 2008”

  1. wen Says:

    hi susie….i believe it should be Monsieur Verdoux?

  2. ratzkywatzky Says:

    I saw 1-3, 7-8, and 9. I would have seen The Gits, too, if I could have worked it in, but I’d seen an earlier cut at SIFF. But I see as much of everything you show as I can make it to. I’m really glad Chop Shop was in your top ten.

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