Top 10 here at home


The top ten movie watching experiences this year at NWFF:
(in no particular order)

Taking Off – Sort of like the first time you watched Dazed and Confused and you realized you’d be quoting this movie for a long, long time.

Coming Home – A solid, relevant movie that doesn’t get much rep.

Under the Stars – Lighthearted, fun, and an appreciative sold-out house

Tubs Film Challenge – You may have had to be there, but by the name alone you can guess how awesome it was.

The Last Detail – Dare I say they just don’t make them like this anymore?

Deep End – For the love of soundtracks.

Shotgun Stories –  A reminder of why NWFF is here.  I don’t know why bigger chains passed on this one, but it was their loss.

Cruising – Hips or lips?

The Violin – One of those “underappreciated gems” that actually is both underappreciated and a gem

Bullitt – Preposterous car chases, a groovy score, mindless machismo, and a packed house that laps it all up?  What else can you ask for in a movie-going experience. (Steven Mcqueen  definitely rivals Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless for the number of tough-talking retorts that make the audience audibly giggle.)



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  1. Katharine Says:

    Definitely Deep End!

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