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The rules are these:

Most Creative Top 10 Film List for 2008 wins!
(I must say Dave has the edge so far–a film stock list?!! Awesome!)
All entries must be submitted by December 31st, 2008.
You can enter as often as you like.
Bribes are not only accepted, they are encouraged.
(If you prefer something other than a White Russian Cake, we are happy to oblige.)
(Only employees/volunteers of NWFF can enter.)
(Only employees of the Lithuanian Baking Company can be judges.) (IE, Me!)
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  1. Ryan Says:

    Well, Miz Norma? Where’s YOUR top 10? Hmm?

  2. Kirstopher Roedig Says:

    How about a top 10 list of “Sweep Pans.”

  3. Caleb Says:

    The Top Ten Films of 2008 that could’ve been, should’ve been, but weren’t.
    Here’s my list of films that either failed to meet expectations, didn’t get enough attention, or didn’t even get released.

    1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Indy 4 only had so much going for it (built-in audience, all the original actors, and Spielberg directing) but threw it all away with a piss-poor plot, terrible CGI, and an ending so obviously setting itself up for a sequel that it may as well have said “to be continued…”

    2. W. – Oliver Stone is one of America’s most controversial directors, so how come his George Bush bio-pic is apparently so… conventional?

    3. Trick ‘r Treat – Originally slated for and Oct 5, 2007 release, this Halloween horror
    funfest was re-scheduled for an Oct 31 release this year, but did you ever see it? No. Will Trick ‘r treat even get a DVD release?

    4. Valkyrie – Bad buzz killed Bryan Singer’s new WWII thriller before it had even finished shooting. Am I the only person who thinks this will be an entertaining, stylish, well-made adventure? I hope not.

    5. Speed Racer – The Wachowskis’ latest flick drew even less theatergoers, and more harsh criticism than The Matrix Revolutions. Even if the film bombed, and the story is pointless, you kind of have to hope it finds an audience that can appreciate the cool look and kitsch-value here.

    6. Choke – I for one was eagerly awaiting the first film based on a Chuck Palahniuk book since Fight Club, but it got such a limited release even the local indie-theatre didn’t show it.

    7. JCVD – Has anyone heard of this? If this film is as good as it’s supposed to be, why hasn’t it been anywhere?

    8. Where The Wild Things Are – Everyone wants to see Spike Jonze’s new film, based on the classic children’s story, but other than that promo-footage released so long ago, nothing seems to have been said about it. At least we know it’s coming out next year, but we wanted it now!

    9. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – No one really expected an animated Star Wars film to the THAT great, but come on, this like one of those little movies in a videogame that you always skip through, but drawn out to 98 minutes.

    10. Righteous Kill – Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in their first movie together since Heat, and directed by… the guy who made Fried Green Tomatoes.

  4. Mynock Says:

    Mynock’s Top 10 2008 Movie Experiences

    10. The Dark Knight (second viewing) The guy in front of me at the concession stand left his Snowcaps on the counter and the clerk was like ‘whatever’ and I got to keep them…Snowcaps FTW

    9. Wanted – Jolie flashed some booty

    8. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – some lady ripped her daughter out of the theatre not even 10 minutes into the move (the penis scene) the little girl was screaming, “but mom…it’s only a PENIS!” as they’re leaving

    7. The Dark Knight (sixth viewing) Imax baby.

    6. Pineapple Express – some drunk guy fell asleep at the previous show and nobody woke him, teenagers covered him in popcorn and poured soda on him until he woke up screaming, a police officer tackled him when he wouldn’t leave quietly

    5. Iron Man – not only did I not have to pay to get in because the ticket guy was so old that when God said ‘let there be light’, he hit the switch… but we then walked next door into Hulk for free too, just as it was starting

    4. Wall-E – some lady dropped off her 3 wild and loud ass kids (an infant, a 2 or 3 year old and a 6 year old to watch them) and left to go shopping while Wall-E babysat them…they were so loud, security finally came and got them…when she came back she was screaming “Where are my babies? Who took my kids?” for like 10 minutes…she finally left. When we were leaving, she was getting arrested in the lobby for abandonment

    3. The Happening – some loud ass teenagers were causing a ruckus and tossing popcorn, some dude finally had enough – climbed 4 rows of seats and beat the living shit out of them for like 6 minutes, I laughed till I cried

    2. The Dark Knight (eleventh viewing) This was at home on Bluray. People all over the world are cold and hungry and I’m watching Batman on a 52 inch TV with a picture so clear, the human eye wouldn’t be able take anymore from it if it were happening in real life…gotta love America

    1. The Dark Knight (fourth viewing) An old couple wandered into the wrong theatre and stayed to watch The Dark Knight, when the imposter Batman’s body hit the glass and shocked the audience, the old man had a stoke or something and paramedics had to remove him from the theatre…though he likely died, his last experiences on this earth were The Dark Knight and 70 fanboys screaming obscenities at him because the movie had to be stopped while the EMT’s removed him.

  5. Joe Blevins Says:

    Top 10 Greatest Movies I Totally Meant To See in 2008 (Honest!) But Didn’t Actually Get Around To Seeing

    NOTE: I have been a very bad cinephile in 2008. Laziness and cheapness have kept me from seeing most of the year’s most acclaimed and beloved movies. And yet somehow I wound up seeing “Madagascar 2.” Go figure. The following list is my way of purging myself of my sins and praying for absolution.

    (Joe makes the sign of the cross)

    10. MILK (Though I have half-gallon of 2% in the fridge.)
    9. FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL (What? I don’t like laughing anymore? Apparently not. Or not enough to spend money for it.)
    8. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Not sure what this is about; lots of positive buzz, though.)
    7. IRON MAN (To think, I once identified myself as a comic book nerd! And in ’08 I couldn’t find two hours to set aside for this film? Inexcusable!)
    6. DOUBT (PS Hoffman *and* Meryl Streep? Why did I foresake thee?)
    5. MAN ON WIRE (Sure sounded neat when described on NPR)
    4. SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK (Would totally be in my Netflix cue if I had one.)
    3. MY WINNIPEG (I’ve seen other Guy Maddin movies. Does that count for anything?)
    2. FROST/NIXON (And I call myself a Nixon-aholic. For shame!)
    1. WALL-E (I’m scum. I know it. I will rot in movie hell for eternity.)

    Whew! That felt good! I feel less guilty now.

  6. Salvatore Magnotta Says:

    Top ten comic book movies that fall short because they failed to follow the comic book.

    10. Daredevil: SO much potential, ruined when the blind guy fights the female ninja in the playground.

    9. Spiderman 2: Why change the nature of the villian? Why can’t the villian just be evil? Dr. Octopus would have left Spidey to save the day and NOT sacrifice himself.

    8. Spiderman 3: While I am ok with the Green Goblin fighting Venom and Sandman, they should have made him do it for the right reason, i.e. he should be the one to kill Spidey, not them.

    7. Batman and Robin: While Poison Ivy was cast perfectly, they turned Bane into a joke. Remember he was the one that broke Batman’s back. And really, Mr. Freeze’s dialogue was just too corny.

    6. The Hulk. Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly were cast good, but the script was terrible, and the whole father thing was really, really bad. The Edward Norton reboot was so much better.

    5. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Good premise, good story, where it lost me was with the whole touch me and our powers switch thing. Huh?

    4. Catwoman: Where is Selina Kyle?

    3. Batman Returns: Never was a fan of Michael Keaton’s Batman, but when the penguin’s flock carries Pwent away, I laughed and thought the franchise was dead right there. Thank you Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale for the reboot.

    2. Xmen 3: Not too happy with the way they handled the whole Dark Phoenix saga. They took a great comic book story and ruined it.

    1. All the Superman sequels, especially the reboot. Where are Superman’s other villains? A magical kiss that makes Lois forget? A child? Just plain silly.


  7. Martha Says:

    Top 10 movie characters that could and should write a best-selling self-help book:

    1. Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With the Wing)
    2. John McClane (Die Hard)
    3. Tracy Flick (Election)
    4. Gordon Gekko (Wallstreet)
    5. Any Henry Fonda character ever
    6. Gunnery Sargeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket)
    7. Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (An Officer and a Gentleman)
    8. Everett (O Brother, Where Art Thou)
    9. Rocky (If he already hadn’t)
    10. Aldous Snow (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

  8. N-Less Pennies Says:

    I do not qualify for the contest, but I wanted to submit my list of top 5 films:

    1. Legally Blonde
    2. She’s All That
    3. The Notebook
    4. Sweet Home Alabama
    5. The Pursuit of Happiness

  9. Kirstopher Roedig Says:

    The top 10 Movies that are Aching to be Made Fun of by ANYONE involved with Mystery Science Theater 3000:

    10: In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
    Burt Reynolds as a King! Matthew Lillard as…well, anything!

    9: Ed–The beginning of what I’m certain will be a long and varied career in the resume of Matt LeBlanc. BffthahahahaHAHAHAHA. I couldn’t keep a straight face with that, sorry. It is more likely going to be yet another movie where the chimpanzee stars with a person in a really bad monkey suit.

    8: Blair Witch Project: All the glorious black and white cinematography and the laughably ‘intense’ sequences combined with the glistening snot running down Heather Donahue’s upper lip couldn’t save this crapfest nor make it worthwhile unless someone (anyone) pokes fun at it.

    7: Chairman of the Board: Carrot Top! Yes, that’s pretty much all I need to say. Carrot Top in a role that will suprise you; One in front of an actual movie camera! He plays a guy who becomes the president of his rich somebody’s company and all hell breaks lose when he comes up with wacky ideas! Chaos and insanity ensues! Audiences yawn.

    6: Babel: While many people may like this film, I for one found myself breaking it down into four parts while yawning every five the seven minutes (I had to time it to keep my interest.) Many stories intersect in heartwrenching (or so I was forced to think) fashion and make people learn more about themselves and what makes them tick. Jeez, I yawned three times TYPING this!

    5: Simon Sez: Wow, check out the cast! Dennis Rodman AND Dane Cook?! The stars FINALLY aligned for these two geniuses of the cinema? Will wonders never friggin cease?

    4: Date Movie: What an awesome pitch this must have been to the studios: “Hey, how about a comedy…but get this…it has NO jokes!” Every hilarious movie is spoofed from the previous year by simply being mentioned or ‘parodied.’

    3: Son of the Mask: Finally! Jamie Kennedy has a vehicle where he can…well, act like Jamie Kennedy. And what can be funnier than the mask from the original film w/Jim Carrey returning, only this time–ON A BABY! Comedy (of sorts) ensues once again, or so we’re told.

    2: Gigli: It’s Gigli for the love of GOD!

    1: From Justin to Kelly: Oh thank goodness for everything that is “American Idol!” Without them, we would have never been able to see either Justin or Justin giving something to Kelly! Or maybe he’s dedicating something to her. Or perhaps he gives her an STD?! I don’t know…and I don’t CARE! Maybe I’ll give a crap once someone from the list of former MST3K players take a stap at it.

    Thank you :o)

  10. Kirstopher Roedig Says:

    So who has won?

  11. normabates666 Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the results are up! (yeah, I know, FINALLY!) 🙂 NB666

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