This is Why I Go To Rotterdam


Size Matters in the upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam. One of its programming segments focuses on the difference that screen size can bring to the film-watching experience.

The thematic programme focuses on both the ubiquitous presence and the content of audiovisual screens in this post-cinema age. The electronic screen is making a major breakthrough in both the private and public spaces. Within ‘Size Matters’, the IFFR realizes the group exhibition ‘Aspect Ratio’, brought together by festival programmer Edwin Carels and a project for the public space, entitled ‘Urban Screens’, curated by festival director Rutger Wolfson.

By projecting three commissioned films on high-rise office buildings in Rotterdam, ‘Urban Screens’, poses the question of what the language and tradition of cinema may contribute to the function and software of these screens. This section commissions  films to be projected on the outsides of the biggest office complexes in the center of Rotterdam. The festival has just announced who the directors are:

-Nanouk Leopold (“Iles Flottantes”, “Guernsey”, “Wolfsbergen”)

-Carlos Reygadas (“Japón”, “Battle in Heaven”, Cannes Jury prize winner for “Still Light”)

-Guy Maddin (“Brand upon the Brain”, “My Winnipeg”)
The screen locations are impressive too. The largest of them will be on the “Delftse Poort” building (see picture), the front of which is a sheer slab more than 150 mtr (roughly 450 ft) in height. One of the more interesting aspect ratios in the history of cinema.

Speaking of Aspect Ratio, there’s an entire section entitled ‘Aspect Ratio’ , which confronts media art and art installations with a focus on the human factor in a progressively expanding technological universe. The exhibition will include works by Ken Jacobs, Simon Starling, Roy Arden, Louise Decordier, Carlo Zanni, Morgan Fisher, Joachim Koester and JODI. The referential work will be Ray and Charles Eams’ short documentary film POWERS OF TEN (1977).


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  1. normabates666 Says:

    And this is why I so enjoy reading your articles, they always teach me something new, and always in areas of film that I know nothing about. THANK YOU for enriching my film knowledge! 🙂 NB

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