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On This Day In 1969 – Jan 1

January 1, 2009

Next week we begin our year long series on 1969. In an attempt to contextualize  the period and the films that came to mark it, we’ll be posting  events that took place  during that year, as well as including a number of original articles and some from the period in the months to come. To kick it all off, two events of note took place on January 1, 1969.

  • Australian media baron Rupert Murdoch, future Fox News media mogul,  purchases the largest selling British Sunday newspaper The News of the World.
  • January 1People’s Democracy begin a march from Belfast to Derry, Northern Ireland in support of civil rights. (look for a screening of HUNGER depicting Bobby Sands’ historic prison hunger strike, which led to the release of numerous N. Irish freedom fighters, later this year)