The Making of Easy Rider


UPDATE: After the comments posted below, my colleague Adam was able to confrim that this is, indeed, an elaborate hoax. Full explanation is here. Sorry for the confusion, but I will note that the original PI entry, other than posting a fantastic and unbelievable tale, did not make it easy to immediately assume this was a fake.

I just found this 4-part series in a PI reader blog. The original author, Jessica Atwater, evidently “ghost wrote” Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests and organized Jack Kerouac’s notes to publish On The Road. From the introduction:

In 1968 [Jessica Atwater] was approached by “Mother Nature News,” a popular counterculture magazine at the time, to report on the production of a low-budget “biker film” being directed by a little known director. She spent two months with the cast and crew and out of that experience came this article.

Read the whole thing here


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2 Responses to “The Making of Easy Rider”

  1. matt Says:

    This appears to be pretty limited satire…some of it’s funny, but most of it just lamely mocks the people involved along with a narrow view of the 60’s instead of the actual project. Too bad, I was hoping for some real insight into the making of the film

  2. matt Says:

    Never mind, Adam, you should make it a little more clear that this is someone making shit up.
    Her web presence makes it clear where she’s coming from… Guess I was duped.

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