A Brief Note on Linas Phillips’ Lasangna


Last night I went to On The Boards to see Linas Phillips (Walking To Werner, Great Speeches From A Dying World) latest brain child, Lasagna or: How I learned to stop slipping towards the prison of permanent darkness.

I won’t go into too much detail about the content of the performance, but I wanted to discuss briefly the use of video in this piece. Theatre often tries to incorporate  video as a means of grounding the work in some sort of reality, but rarely has theatre so successfully done so as in Phillips’ piece. Anyone interested in the interplay between live and recorded performance and the tensions created through the use of both media,should definitely see this piece. It might be a testament to his work as a filmmaker, but Lasangna‘s video work is what gives the production its authenticity. Part of this might be because most of the video work resembles traditional documentary film, or perhaps its the result of the video work being situated in New York, a mythic yet somewhat somewhat familiar setting. Either way, much of the power derived from Lasagna lies in the actuality of its video images.


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