Sundance VI: Humpdance


Wireless is harder to come by in Park City than you may imagine,  and a couple of days ago I found myself checking email at a Starbucks.  My phone rang shortly after I sat down, and when I mentioned the good news about “Humpday” an off-duty Starbucks manager sitting across from me gave me the thumbs up and nodded, whispering something like, “Oh yeah. I have to see that.” I had to, too, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I did. By then the film had sold to Magnolia Pictures, had become a festival phenom such that random Starbucks managers had put it on their To Do lists, and it was seriously up for prizes.  Sitting in the theater, before the film started, I wondered if the build-up might be too much. But the film held me – and everyone else — from the opening scene. The basic storyline is funny – a couple of old college friends, both straight, decide to make an “art” porn film starring themselves – and the film has a lot of laughs in it, squirmy and otherwise, but it’s the honesty of the performances that makes it as good a film as it is. 


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