Three local papers think you might like these two French true-crime movies we’re playing


Come see I, Pierre Rivere, Having Butchered My Mother, My Sister and My Brother and Back to Normandy this week!

The Seattle Times gave Back to Normandy 3 1/2 stars and says “I, Pierre… and Back to Normandy [is] an outstanding double-feature.”

The Stranger suggested I, Pierre Riviere… and said “I, Pierre Rivière is a French gem. First, it features a young Isabelle Huppert, who is as beautiful as the current old Huppert. Second, the 1976 film is based on a real and shocking crime that happened in 1835 (“I, Pierre Rivière, having butchered my mother, my sister, and my brother…”). Thirdly, this crime happened in rural France, and so the film has the mood of a horror movie. Lastly and most importantly, the real crime fascinated one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Michel Foucault.”

The Seattle Weekly
chose Back to Normandy as a “pick” and went on say, “Philibert (director of the exquisitely microcosmic To Be and To Have) was Allio’s first assistant director, and narrates Back to Normandy with obvious affection for his mentor (who died in 1995), interspersing footage from the dryly intoned original with fond and often philosophical musings from its cast.”

And I’m sure the PI would agree, if it had reviewed either of the films, so far it hasn’t.


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