Lloyd Phillips The International Journal


Last night I attended the opening reception for producer for Tom Tykwer‘s The International Lloyd Phillips, photo exhibition The International-A Journal held at C/O Berlin, International Forum for Visual Dialogue. Awkward introductions from the gallerist and  sightings of  some German celebreties including Tykwer and Armin Mueller-Stahl aside, I was more interested in the photographic process Phillips employed for the project. Having shot all the stills  represented on a small digital still camera while on set, he was faced with the dillema of trying to  create large scale works for the installation from low res small digital files. Phillips sent the files to a studio in LA who specialised in adding grey tones to digital stills. The photos were then sent to a lab to be converted into celluloid negatives. From the negatives phillips was able to produce the large scale prints that were in the exhibition. The process as it was described seems akin if not identical to blowing up an SD video to a 35mm print. Needless to say this certainly helped me appreciation of the work, which struck me more like a series of well photographed tourist images than something extraordinary.


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