Distributor of Avant-Garde Films Threatened With Eviction


If you haven’t read the article in the NY Times about the possible
eviction of the Film-Makers Cooperative (Jonas Mekas is at the helm),
please see


The Film-Makers Cooperative is an invaluable cultural resource. It would
be a crushing loss to anyone who appreciates American and European
Avant-Garde film.  I would encourage anyone who is
familiar with the film cooperative and Jonas Mekas’ work to do the same.
If not, read the letter below. If you’ve heard of Joseph Cornell, Maya
Deren, and Stan Brakhage, their original prints are part of that
collection. Apparently, the Andy Warhol museum, AFI, NY public library
have also written letters. It can’t hurt for them to hear from our film

And this from Film-Makers’ Coop
Dear Friends and Members of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative:
We have received an eviction notice and are trying to appeal to the Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner Kate D. Levin to support our efforts to remain either in our current building or to move to another, affordable city space. You can write to Kate D. Levin directly at


The more letters that are received on our behalf, the better!

Of course, we are working with legal counsel. The FMC Board of Directors, and M.M. Serra will continue to keep you informed. Any questions you have, please call the FMC office at 212-267-5665.

If you don’t have time to read the article in the NY Times, here’s an
“Founded in 1962 by a group of experimental filmmakers that included Mr.
Mekas, the Film-Makers’ Cooperative now holds a collection of about
5,000 titles made by some 900 artists. Most of the work is by Americans,
but the archive also includes some hard-to-find foreign works from
periods as early as 1920s Dada and German experimentalism. Directors of
noncommercial experimental films typically deposit copies of their work
with the cooperative, which then rents them to museums, universities,
libraries and galleries in the United States and abroad.The organization
also repairs and restores films made in formats ranging from eight
millimeter to video, and in some cases has the only known copy of a work.”


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