“A perfect film”


Check out the great reviews for BALLAST from the Times and PI this morning:

“3 1/2 Stars: It’s a perfect title for a perfect film. And by “perfect” I simply mean it’s flawless on its own terms. If you’d prefer to see more of its shots in perfect focus, you’d be missing the point entirely…

More important is Lawrence’s big-hearted humanity and the mutual goodwill that “Ballast” embraces, brought vividly to life between Hammer and his exceptional cast of unknowns, who honed their characters over two months of improvisational rehearsals. Together they’ve created a valuable, unpolished gem.” —Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times

“This ultra-low-budget, regional indie is filled with the kinds of textures, and the kinds of lives, you don’t get with the polish of Hollywood…Touching and human, a small story of necessity and responsibility rousing defeated people that slowly unfolds and fills the film with the authenticity of its lives.” -Sean Axmaker, Seattle PI

BALLAST has already won the Best Director and Best Cinematography award at Sundance, and is up for Best Cinematography and Best Debut Feature at tomorrow’s Independent Spirit Awards.

Buy your tickets now.



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