New Yorker Films Shutters Its Doors


Will Three Monkeys be the last release to hit Seattle screens from one of the US’ most important film distributors New Yorker Films? The answer may very well be yes. It was announced today that the nations foremost distributor of foreign language films will shutter its doors. It appears as though that the end is imminent. Who knows what this means for THREE MONKEYS screening here in Seattle.

A distributor whose work was championed in retrospective back in 1987 well before it was fashionable a few years ago, this label will certainly be missed. The big question is what will happen to its massive archives, which includes films from Ackerman, Bertolucci, Bresson, Chabrol, Fassbinder, Fellini, Godard, Herzog, Kieslowski, Malle, Rohmer, Rossellini, Sembene, Wenders, Schlondorff, and many others,  and who do we start working with to clear rights for these titles for future retrospectives?

This following the word on the possible eviction of Filmmakers Co-op is just the latest in a series of  very disturbing events that threatens the life line of cinema in this country.



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