Secret Matinees return!


This just in from the Sprocket society:


Now later — at 3:00 PM — by popular demand!

Every Sunday, March 1 – May 24, 2009
at the Northwest Film Forum – 1515 12th Ave.
Tickets available at the door, or in advance via

An old-fashioned weekend matinee — with cartoons and shorts, a thrilling 12-chapter movie serial, and a great Secret Feature. Watch for updates at or subscribe to the series Twitter feed at to get secret clues, streaming video teasers, and maybe a chance to win some free tickets.

Our cliffhanger this time: ZORRO’S FIGHTING LEGION (1939) — one of the best serials ever made, from the legendary Republic Studios. Packed with non-stop action, revolution, and some legendary stunts. Read more about it at

Our all-classic line up of Secret Features will (mostly) follow Zorro’s lead, with adventure, intrigue, tough guys, and westerns — plus some curveballs just for yuks. They date from the 1920s through the 1950s, with one lone late-’60s straggler. First up on March 1: Randolph Scott finds himself taken captive during a stage hold-up gone wrong, in one of the best westerns of the ’50s.

We also hope you’ll enjoy our special programs:

THE IDES OF MARCH SHOW — March 15 w/ masterpieces of betrayal
TWO SILENT MOVIE SHOWS — silent features and shorts (plus the serial, of course)
* April 5
* May 3
THE “13th EPISODE” SHOW (May 24) — a series-finale cavalcade of extra-special, super-rare suprises

No repeats from the last series…well, except for one feature too perfect not to show. Everything else is brand old!
All shown on 16mm with a 1,000 watt theatrical projector!

Hope to see y’all there…


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