Film Society Staff Continues To Shrink


Yesterday associate director of programming at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and editor-at-large at Film Comment Kent Jones parted ways with the organization that is often heralded as among the nation’s preeminent film arts organization. Unlike several of his colleagues who lost their jobs last month when the economy lead the Film Society to cut its staff by nearly 25%. Jones intends to continue working on his own filmmaking career. His departure marks the end to his 10 year tenure with the Film Society.

In better times I might suggest that Kent’s departure opens the possibility for the Film Society to infuse itself with fresh blood, a new perspective.  Unfortunately  we all know the economy isn’t looking so well and the Film Society has already laid off 25% of its staff. Instead New Yorkers might view this as a loss and depending on Kent’s future relationship to Film Comment, the nation might also follow suit. That’s one perspective.

I offer another. Consider it a call to arms. Kent’s departure is just another reminder of the tenuousness of the film exhibition community. If you’re one of the many who support the kinds of programs and films that Kent championed, very much akin to the kinds of films that Northwest Film Forum champions, well then bolster your support. Whether that means going out to the cinema more, making donations, or signing up for memberships, remind yourself that like the Newspaper industry we’re only around as long as you, the film goer, appreciate and support what we do.



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