Shot-by-shot analysis of PAINT YOUR WAGON’s opening sequence


After listening to Robert Horton’s introduction of PAINT YOUR WAGON on Friday night, and now reading Nathan William’s shot-by-shot analysis of the opening sequence of the film, I have to admit there’s a lot more going on in this western musical than I first imagined when I read the description.

You can read Nathan’s article here, and catch PAINT YOUR WAGON every night at 8:30pm through Thursday, March 19 at NWFF.

Thanks for the heads-up, Nathan!


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One Response to “Shot-by-shot analysis of PAINT YOUR WAGON’s opening sequence”

  1. Mark Says:

    Having been a long time fan of this movie, I appreciate the technical evaluation conducted by Mr. Williams. This movie has many such moments where camera shots truly make you feel you are “in the moment” (the bull and bear fight mayhem come to mind). Something we take for granted in a well shot film, but something that is glaringly awful in a poor movie.

    Given the mental and chemical dependency issues that Logan was struggling with makes the movie even more of an accomplishment. Most critics simply comment on the singing ability of the non-singer actors. The movie has much more to offer.

    Thanks to NWCinema for showing the film.

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