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The Secret Sunday Matinee II series is half over, and already we’ve featured films by/with:  Budd Boetticher, Orson Welles, Man Ray, WC Fields, Carol Reed, FW Murnau, Michael Curtiz, Errol Flynn, Emil Jannings, Henri-Georges Clouzot, James Mason, DW Griffith, Siegmund Lubin, Yakima Canutt, Popeye the Sailor, all four Marx Brothers and both Fleischer brothers, William Whitney & John English of course, and still more.  And that’s with saving up a bunch of the good stuff for later…

Coming up this Sunday at 3:00 PM at the Northwest Film Forum:


Featuring a neglected, hallucinatory masterpiece by director CARL DREYER (The Passion of Joan of Arc, Day of Wrath, Ordet)

Plus NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN (Une Nuit sur le Mont Chauve, 1933) by Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker
The first pinscreen animation film, set to Moussorgsky’s music.  Also uses double exposure, miniatures, and drawn animation. Rare print.
Watch an excellent 10min documentary about Alexeieff —

Plus PSI: BOUNDARIES OF THE MIND, a 1977 short documentary about ESP and parapsychology.
Picture an excellent 18min documentary in your mind.

And, as always, the latest episode of ZORRO’S FIGHTING LEGION (1939, Republic Studios)  — This week: “The Fugitive!”
Zorro suspects Commandant Manuel is in league with the evil Don Del Oro!

Every Sunday at 3 PM ~ through May 24
Northwest Film Forum ~ 1515 12th Ave., Capitol Hill between Pike & Pine

Family friendly, but not childish — suggested ages 10+.  Shows usually run a little over 2 hours.
Series info ~
Series web candy ~

this Sun. April 12 – #7: THE LUCID NIGHTMARE SHOW ~ Carl Dreyer, rare animation by Alexandre Alexeieff, and psychics (and Zorro!)

Sun. April 19 – #8: WESTERN CLASSICS ~ John Ford, DW Griffith, and Tom Mix (and Zorro!)

Sun. April 26 – #9: THE RETRO-FUTURIST SCI-FI MUSICAL SHOW ~ a rare and bizarre must-see from 1930 + classic cartoons (and Zorro!)

Sun. May 3 – #10: SILENT MOVIE SHOW #2 – Exile Kingdoms ~ rarely-shown greats by Fritz Lang and Georges Melies (and Zorro!)

Sun. May 10 – #11: THE GIANT MONSTER SHOW ~ classic Ishiro Honda, ultra-rare Winsor McCay, second-to-last Zorro episode (“Face To Face!”), and more

Sun. May 17 – #12: THE TOUGH-GUY GANGSTER SHOW ~ vintage James Cagney, Dudley Do-Right, and the thrilling conclusion of Zorro’s Fighting Legion: “Unmasked!”

Sun. May 24 – Series Finale: THE “13th EPISODE” SHOW ~ Psychedelic 16-Scope-Arama
Rare 16mm widescreen CinemaScope films and snippets, with animation, music and an extra-special, mind-blowing Secret Feature

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