NWFF’s Online Auction (Blowing the Lid Off of Seattle Film’s Best Kept Secret)


By now, you’ve probably heard about NWFF’s annual fundraising auction. What you may not know, however, is that NWFF offers an online component to the auction that provides services to the filmmakers in the Seattle area. Seattle’s prominent vendors generously donate valuable rental packages, post production suite time, and consultations for us to pass along to independent filmmakers. Historically, these packages sell for significantly less than their face value. In describing it, I have to restrain myself from using phrases like “Midnight Madness!” “Slashing Prices!” and “Everything Must GO!” It honestly feels like a secret clearance sale, benefitting those in the know. If you plan to produce a film in the next year, you should check it out. All of the auctions close at 7pm on Thursday. 

Go, now, to the online auction!


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