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Hello again, everyone —  coming up this Sunday at 3:00 PM at the Northwest Film Forum:

The Secret Sunday Matinee II –


FEATURING:  A rarely-shown epic from Fritz Lang — KRIEMHILD’S REVENGE (1924)
The unjustly-ignored second half of Lang’s monumental Die Nibelungen, one of the greatest artistic and technical achievements in the history of silent film.  Released at the height of Germany’s Weimar era, it is much darker than it’s better-known precursor, Siegfried, eschewing dragons and fantasy trappings to explore the ravaging effects of grief, vengeance, and mob hysteria.  After the murder of her husband, Siegfried, the widowed Kriemhild is consumed by hatred.  Marrying King Etzel (Attila) of the Huns, she embarks on an elaborately constructed plot to entrap and slaughter the assassin — her own uncle.  As entire armies are laid waste, Kriemhild is utterly debased by her quest for “justice.”  Featuring monumental sets in desolate landscapes and an incredibly spectacular climax, this carefully choreographed sequel stands the values of honor and loyalty on their head and is in many ways superior to the laudable first film.

“[A]n unforgettable glimpse into the heart of darkness of the human soul that ranks alongside Lang’s similar examinations of human bloodlust: M, Fury, and The Big Heat.” – Kino

Plus KINGDOM OF THE FAIRIES (1903) directed by Georges Melies — An evil fairy kidnaps Princess Azurine, the betrothed of Prince Belazor.  Aided by magic armor from a good fairy, the prince embarks on an amazing journey to free his beloved.  A rare (mostly-)complete silent print, shown with music by Igor Stravinsky.

And, naturally, the latest (sound) episode of ZORRO’S FIGHTING LEGION (1939, Republic Studios)  — This week: “Mystery Wagon!”
Who knew a water wagon could be so much trouble? Features a great sword fight, complete with swinging from chandeliers!

Every Sunday at 3 PM ~ through May 24
Northwest Film Forum ~ 1515 12th Ave., Capitol Hill between Pike & Pine

Family friendly, but not childish — suggested ages 10+.  Shows usually run a little over 2 hours.
Series info ~
Series web candy ~

this Sun. May 3 – #10: SILENT MOVIE SHOW #2 – Exile Kingdoms ~ Fritz Lang’s “Kriemhild’s Revenge” plus rare Georges Melies (and Zorro!)

Sun. May 10 – #11: THE GIANT MONSTER SHOW ~ grade-A Godzilla, ultra-rare Winsor McCay, second-to-last Zorro episode (“Face To Face!”), and more!

Sun. May 17 – #12: THE TOUGH-GUY GANGSTER SHOW ~ vintage James Cagney, Dudley Do-Right, and the thrilling conclusion of Zorro’s Fighting Legion: “Unmasked!”

Sun. May 24 – Series Finale: THE “13th EPISODE” SHOW ~ Psychedelic 16-Scope-Arama
Rare widescreen 16mm CinemaScope films and snippets: animation, music and an extra-special, mind-blowing Secret Feature starring Jackie Gleason & Groucho Marks & Carol Channing!  It’s only a feeling, it’s only a feeling…

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