FIPRESCI’s Undercurrent


Undercurrent #5

Special Section: John Ford
Eighteen writers, eighteen Ford films.

For the Love of Movies: An Interview with Gerald Peary
Film critic Gerald Peary talks about his new film, a feature-length documentary about the heroic past, troubled present, and uncertain future of American film criticism.

Scattered Shadowgraph in Counter-Glows of Marvel
Dana Linssen rhapsodizes on Jem Cohen’s new “musical-documentary hallucination” Evening’s Civil Twilight in Empires of Tin.

Springtime in Jeonju 
Chris Fujiwara staggers home from the tenth edition of the Korean film festival.

Film History’s Gold Mine: Edition Filmmuseum 
Klaus Eder explores the treasures of Europe’s film archives and finds them not overpriced at 20 Euros a DVD.

Richard Corliss rediscovers a 1970 film that he calls “the Birth of a Nation of porn.”

Book review: Frankly My Dear: Gone with the Wind Revisited (Molly Haskell) reviewed by Eleanor Ringel Cater.


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