Secret Sunday Matinee goes out with a bang!


This Sunday at the Northwest Film Forum, we end the Sunday Secret Matinee series with a bang.  And bring your wide eyes, because it’s all in glorious 16mm Cinemascope.

Man, your Memorial Day barbecue will taste WAY better after you partake of…

SKIDOO (1968)

Otto Preminger’s gangster-musical-comedy ode to acid, with original songs and music by Harry Nilsson.
Jackie Gleason doses, Groucho Marx tokes, and Carol Channing is definitely on something. 
Also with: Frankie Avalon, Mickey Rooney, Frank Gorshin, Peter Lawford, George Raft, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Kirk Douglas, and John Phillip Law as “Stash.” 

Insanely rare print!  Never released to home video!  Withdrawn from circulation!  The movie event of the season!  Makes SIFF, like, a total bummer, man!

PLUS: the hilarious Roger Rabbit theatrical cartoon, TRAIL MIX-UP (1993), and a British Invasion-era musical snippet by Freddie and The Dreamers…whoever they are.

(Sorry, no Zorro.  That concluded last week.)

Hope you can make it…

At the Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave. (between Pike & Pine)

Spencer Sundell
The Sprocket Society (Seattle, WA)



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2 Responses to “Secret Sunday Matinee goes out with a bang!”

  1. Pam Inglesby Says:

    Could the Freddie and the Dreamers snippet possibly by their “What’s Cookin’?” number from 1965’s “Every Day’s a Holiday” (aka “Seaside Swingers”), Britain’s answer to “Beach Blanket Bingo”? Tagline: “When the dreamers meet the screamers it’s the swingin’est hit that ever swung.”

  2. Spencer Sundell Says:

    Why yes, Pam, it would be exactly that.

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