Come Hang Out In A Swedish Backyard



I want to say watching the Swedish film Light Year, screening next week at NWFF as part of an Alternate Cinema series in partnership with SIFF, is like meditation. Then I wonder if it actually is meditation. During the 100-minute running time of this beautifully shot nature film that takes place solely in filmmaker Mikael Kristersson’s backyard, my eyes never left the screen but my mind wandered away repeatedly. Each time, some meticulously recorded onscreen action – a spider weaving its web, a baby bird emerging from a shell, a child climbing onto a roof, a drop of water rolling off a melting icicle – brought me back to the act of watching. And listening: to birds, rain, cars, cats, children, the wind. I felt like I was being trained to live in the here and now. I appreciate the lesson, and the reminder that nature films don’t need exotic animals or Philip Glass soundtracks to maintain interest. You can have your own Light Year experience next Monday the 25th at 9:00 or Thursday the 28th at 9:30.


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