Play It Gay


Before you get you gay cinema on this weekend at screenings of Lynn Shelton‘s HUMPDAY in which Josh Leonard and Mark Duplass play it gay, or at BRUNO where Sacha Baron Cohen also plays it gay, check out our screening of the little known 1969 gem, GAY DECEIVERS.  With the Vietnam war raging, Danny (Kevin Coughlin) and Elliot (Larry Casey) hit upon a sure-fire way to elude the draft board… that’s right play it gay, something which astonishingly would still work in the military some 40 years later!

Danny is about to attend law school (one would think that a student deferment would be easier and less time-consuming than a full-time gay act) and Elliot is embarking on a lifetime of seducing women as a lifeguard (no deferments for that) so Vietnam would really cramp their plans. Complications escalate as a draft board Colonel (Jack Starrett) doesn’t buy their story, so the two friends have to live as a gay couple full-time while fending off the advances of their landlord Malcolm (Michael Greer) and keeping one step ahead of the ever-present Colonel.

Check the film out tonight or tomorrow at 8pm here.


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